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Launching for the Long Haul

How do you help an industry titan reclaim the highway after a 20–year absence?

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02 / 07

Where Performance Meets Passion

How do you bring to life a shared passion for the ride in a digital experience?

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Brand Launch

Raising the Standard for the next 100 Years

How do you transform a 100-year-old brand to signal a fresh start to the market?

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Supplying the Change

How do you transform a 60-year-old niche nonprofit for supply chain managers into a corporate consultancy for Fortune 500 companies?

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Relocations Re-imagined

How do you digitize employee relocations to compete in the global talent economy?

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Building B2B Ecommerce That Rocks

How do you help an icon of the music
 industry take their ecommerce to the 
next level?

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Finding the Needle in the Haystack

How do you maximize ROI on your digital marketing spend?

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We practice human-centered design with every engagement.

01 / 08

How do you revitalize an 
American icon?

By creating a brand identity that leverages the heart and soul of an industry. We developed a brand strategy that met both driver and dealers' needs and reinforced Mack as an industry leader. Our robust 360-degree marketing campaign features inter-
active content, like a VR experience and truck builder tool, that connects drivers to local Mack dealers. 
The updated brand identity resonates with customers and helped Mack reach the largest 
share of voice in the US trucking industry.

02 / 08

How does a fin tech company drive global leads?

By pivoting to an outside-in perspective. What started as updating sales collateral evolved into a total digital transformation. We helped with platform selection, which lead to Sitecore. Then we created a design system that encompassed the entire digital ecosystem. Multiple on-going global campaigns and paid search drive traffic to the new site and an analytics dashboard provides real-time analysis and reporting tools.

03 / 08

How do you make data protection more human?

Center everything you do around safeguarding human potential. To relaunch Forcepoint as a differentiated cybersecurity partner with a cloud-first platform, we developed a digital strategy that reflected the brand’s new human-focused ethos. Then we designed a user experience grounded in human behavior to increase conversion.

04 / 08

How do you inspire audiences in a crowded market?

By igniting a sense of adventure. To differentiate Mango from competitors, we positioned the brand as a bold way to experience different cultures. We created a vibrant new identity and expression system inspired by international maritime flags and by Mango’s unique teaching methodology. Bringing a modern and cohesive look across applications, the re-brand signifies a strategic and cultural shift for the company—celebrating its passion for language, travel and adventure.

05 / 08

How do you look ahead while embracing the past?

By reframing 40+ years in data protection as a source of strength. We developed a new brand strategy that moved away from technical nuances and positioned the brand as an experienced, yet progressive leader. With a dynamic expression system, high-performing website and brand video, we captured the emotional stakes of data protection. Demand for Arcserve services is increasing with prospective clients staying on the site longer and requesting more demos.

06 / 08

How do you inspire a vision of the perfect home?

By creating a high-end shopping experience that’s full of design expertise. We brought together digital strategy, UX and a luxurious visual design to make stronger connections between the Hausera brand and new and existing customers. Contractors and DIYers can intuitively search products or view them within beautifully designed spaces. With personalized purchasing and a seamless checkout, the site expanded the brand’s community of loyal customers and design professionals.

07 / 08

How can ecommerce inspire brand loyalty?

By understanding the yoga mindset and why people practice. We created holistic shopping experience with a Magento ecomm site at its core. The digital experience showcases Manduka’s renown quality and performance features; while better merchandising, cross-selling and intuitive carting led to increases in conversion rates and AOVs. After interacting with the site, segmented campaigns deliver tailored content and relevant offers—turning customers into loyalists.

08 / 08

How do you empower the designer in all of us?

By allowing people to explore creativity on their own terms. After digging into customer research, our digital transformation strategy led to the creation of The FLOR Design Studio. With three points of entry, it makes designing and ordering a custom rug more accessible, informative and delightful. Additionally, the redesigned ecommerce experience and content structure communicates FLOR’s unique social, environmental and functional benefits—making it an overall richer experience.

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