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How do you transform a 100-year-old brand to signal a fresh start to the market?

Start with purpose

Uncover what makes the brand unique with an ownable purpose that serves as both a foundation and a launchpad.

Reveal the authenticity

Strip back the layers built up over the years to reveal the most essential and authentic elements that still ring true.

Demonstrate the shift to audiences

Build an expression system that leverages the new purpose, brings the brand into the future and reflects the vibrancy and sophistication of the organization — to employees, customers and prospects.

Tell the story clearly

Craft an enterprise website that clearly articulates the company’s offerings and business units, while serving multiple user needs, functionalities, regional and language requirements, business goals and content types.

Elevate the brand

Bring an editorial approach to photography and video that captures the technical rigor and sophistication of the testing process through a global shoot across nine cities and five countries.

Celebrate in style

Commemorate the organization's 100th anniversary by looking to the past to inform and inspire the future, and engaging audiences with live events, social media, video, a history book and employee programs.


Working with OX is the best meeting of my day. I know that I’m going to love what I see, and the smart thinking and energy they bring to the table is really second to none.

CEO of CSA Group


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