Building B2B Ecommerce That Rocks

Digital Product Innovation
Experience & Service Mapping
Cross-Platform UI/UX Design
Brand Strategy & Identity
Advertising & Creative
B2B & B2C Ecommerce

How do you help an icon of the music industry take their ecommerce to the 
next level?

Build a roadmap to the future.

Define what success looks like for the organization across multiple time horizons with mission-critical KPIs.

Dig deeper.

Uncover key user insights and business objectives to inform a new ecommerce strategy and core principles.

Streamline the backend.

Connect all data platforms, order systems and analytics dashboards to a more robust and capable infrastructure, centered on the Episerver/Optimizely platform.

Design like a rockstar.

Create a digital expression system that celebrates the unique character of the D’Addario brand and its targeted product lines and offerings.

Craft tools around the shopper.

Support B2B shopping behaviors with functionality like powerful facets and filtering, bulk order uploads and simple reordering with barcode scanners that places products from the storeroom into the shopping cart.

Remove friction at every point
 in the journey.

Let retailers easily browse, purchase and plan for D’Addario offerings in their stores through a simple and strong online experience that is enjoyable to use.


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