Dot Foods

Futureproofing the B2B ecommerce food supply chain.

User & Journey Research
Experience & Service Mapping
Cross-Platform UI/UX Design
B2B & B2C Ecommerce
Customer Experience Platforms
Digital Product Innovation

How do you help North America’s largest food redistributor redefine their digital presence and revolutionize the way they do business?

See pain points as possibilities.

Dive into Dot Foods data to get a critical understanding of user capabilities, bothersome bottlenecks and UX issues that need immediate attention.

Workshop the wish list.

Prioritize the problemsolving through extensive stakeholder interviews, monthly meetups and “What If?” idea-sharing exercises to create a roadmap towards an innovative and performance-driven B2B ecommerce experience.

Build the dream.

Create an intuitive taxonomy, restructured IA, a streamlined ecommerce flow and a performance-driven, user-centered site that puts user needs and know-how at the heart of every screen.

Be agile to enable great teams.

Redefine what collaboration can be by erasing the formal lines between client and agency and implementing agile methodologies to foster a dynamic and flexible workflow that can analyize, innovate and evolve in real time.

Give users the tools to transform their trade.

Bring modern B2C solutions to their B2B platform for an intuitive experience that solves for end users’ needs and positions Dot as leader and digital innovator within their industry.

Continue the commitment.

Keep the relationship rolling with planned updates and scalable solutions that harness learned insights, customer feedback, and UX experimentation to future proof their business against the unknown and emerging competition.


Early indications are already impressive.

Reduced order time by 75%

Average orders times fell from 43 minutes to 11 minutes overall.


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