The Problem

SIRVA, a longstanding leader in relocation and moving services, faced increasing competition from tech-based disruptors. At the same time, clients were expecting more from their relocation experience, seeking a consumer-style blend of self-service tools and concierge guidance. SIRVA needed a set of tools that combined the personalized service they’re known for with self-service experiences that reflect today’s best-in-class consumer expectations.

The Solution

OX approached the problem through the methods of service design—including research, interactive prototyping and the rollout of a new product platform. These efforts identified three audiences with distinct needs: self-directed lump sum relocations, white-glove custom relocations, and internal HR process management. The resulting services for these audiences created value at every moment of the customer journey, helping relocates navigate complexities with ease.


Research & Insights
Brand Strategy
Service Design
Web & Mobile App Development

Research & Insights

OX began research with a longitudinal study in which participants documented their relocation journey and provided weekly feedback. OX supplemented this research with contextual inquiry sessions, observing assignees in their homes to observe how they managed the relocation process. This helped define the problem, analyze the customer journey and develop a hypothesis.

Platform Development

Coming out of discovery and research, the vision was clear: build a suite of three audience-specific products, on top of a shared backend platform, to address the vastly different needs of SIRVA users while leveraging existing data and services to create efficiencies and drive insights.

Product Development

Following the principles of service design, OX designed, prototyped, tested and iterated three apps that delivered high-value features with intuitive design patterns. From moving quotes and school information to immigration assistance and international cultural training, the products helped users with every phase of their relocation planning, including expense management, timelines and notifications, and on-demand consultant support.

Product Launch

OX designed and staffed a launch experience for introducing the new platform to SIRVA and industry audiences. OX also provided internal communications support and partnered with leadership on how SIRVA teams could transform to support the program most effectively.

Back-of-House Support

While the app was the most visible element of the new service, the human support behind it was just as critical to the program’s success. In a true partnership, OX provided thorough documentation, technical support and training of the SIRVA team members responsible for providing concierge services.

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