Empowering the designer in all of us.

The Problem

How do you empower the designer in all of us? That was the question FLOR was wrestling with when they approached OX to solve a unique e-commerce challenge. FLOR was experiencing a disconnect between their instore and online businesses and struggling to identify crossover opportunities that could create complementary value.

The Solution

OX dug into customer preferences, behaviors and journeys to craft a digital transformation strategy that better connected the retail and online experiences and created a platform for exploring creativity and inspiration (and average order value) in every home.


Roadmap Planning & Prioritization
Usability Analysis
Quantitative & Qualitative Research
Product & Service Design
Branded Content
B2C Commerce Strategy
Solution Architecture
Custom Applications


User Research

The first step was to understand the current ecosystem and observe how customers interact with the product and digital purchasing interface through an 360º analysis of the instore and online purchasing experience. The process revealed several unique challenges and opportunities for the business and the brand.

FLOR Design Studio

One such finding was that the existing “blank canvas” approach to creating your own rug design was too intimidating, even for seasoned designers. Customers needed direction on where to start—and real-time inventory availability for one-click purchasing. By offering three points of entry based on customer preferences, the Design Studio made designing and ordering the custom rug of your dreams more accessible, informative and delightful for customers of all skill levels.


FLOR.com Redesign

Across the landscape, customers couldn’t grasp the unique social, environmental and functional benefits of the FLOR carpet square system. OX redesigned the brand’s ecommerce look, feel, voice, page template system and content structure to more clearly communicate these benefits and stories across a rich and simple e-commerce experience.


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